Downspout of the Week – Salmon Run

This week’s downspout is another fantastically functioning piece of art and comes to us from Portland, OR.

salmon downspout

The water flows off the roof onto what looks like more of a slide than a traditional downspout. I don’t know about you, but I definitely would have been tempted to take a couple trips down from the roof! Until they soldered those salmon on anyway. Ouch. Though painful they might be to have on a slide, I think they add a very amusing touch to the downspout. Maybe that’s the point, huh? To keep kids like me from playing on it. Oh fine, I’ll just admire from the ground. 😛

This design is especially neat because the slide is angled in such a way that the water runs off into a rain garden, putting all that water to good use. It’s so great to be able to appreciate a beautiful piece of metal artwork as it helps sustain another work of art growing at the bottom. (The garden, not the dumpsters.)

Salmon Downspout


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